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Racing against the best with a winning plan

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Watch your horse compete against the best horses in the country

Experience the thrill of owning and racing your own thoroughbred primarily on the New York circuit at Saratoga, Belmont, Aqueduct. Join friends, old and new, and other business partners as you anticipate the unequaled excitement of race day and the hope of being in the winners circle. Follow your horse through the training process of early morning gallops and workouts building up to the test of race day. Learn about the daily routine that goes into the preparation each and every day, from the grooming, feeding, exercise, alternative therapies and the farrier to the important decisions of the trainer and manager. See your investment come to fruition after hours and hours of hard work by the LuckyDux Racing Team, which includes you!

Thoroughbred racehors​e ownership without the mark up

LuckyDux Racing Team promises to deliver a professional experience without having you, the owner, paying for unnecessary mark up fees. You will pay for your percentage of ownership in the horse and reasonable management costs. You won't pay for more than what you are getting - the privilege of owning an equine athlete and the responsibility to that athlete.

 The most important aspect of this endeavor is that the horse is to be extremely well taken care of so that it has a greater chance of winning and competing to its potential.

Also, management receives a commission only when the horse wins. If your horse runs second, or third, or fourth, that is money you deserve and management will not take any of those purse monies.

Sit back and enjoy the ride in what will be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you will ever partake, Throughbred Horse Ownership with the LuckyDux Racing Team!

The business plan

LuckyDux Racing Team, LLC will obtain an individual race horse from a 'claiming' race on the New York Racing Association circuit. This will be a calculated, well considered purchase with the intention of racing in the near future or within 2 months after purchase. The objective is to see your horse in action doing what it loves to do, run fast and compete. Allowing the trainer time to make a clear assessment of its' strengths and weaknesses along with any other adjustments are critical to the horses' success.

 Consider a few of the basic details listed below:

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  • Estimated Range of Claim: $25,000–$50,000*
  • Number of Partners: Minimum of 4, 10-20 preferred
  • Managing Partner will be a 5–10% owner at his own expense.

Call us to make inquiries. 781-706-1166. We would be glad to meet with you and discuss the various aspects of the business opportunity we offer.

*$40K claim is our desired target horse.

Horse and jockey in action

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